May 15, 2024 — Digital

Unlock Deeper Levels of Creativity with Breathwork – Sabrina Palazzo

Date: May 15th

Time: 7pm EST

Instructor: Sabrina Palazzo

On the 24/7 Artists CreatorSPC platform

The breathing technique at the core of source method is one of the most efficient tools to quiet the thinking mind and unlock the unconscious mind where deeper levels of creativity & inspiration exist.

This ALL levels breathwork workshop will teach you how a shift in your breathing can help you go from blocked to clear-minded, and uninspired to creatively connected within minutes.

Then, you’ll be guided through an expertly led breathwork session [to a great playlist] to help you access your “flow state” so that you can tap into deeper levels of creativity and leverage this inspiration for life, business, upcoming projects and more.

breathwork is not suitable for pregnant people

Please make sure you have a place to lie down for breathwork, headphones, and an eye-mask if you have one


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